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2017. University of Washington, Seattle. Ph.D. in Geography.
2011. University of Washington, Seattle. M.A. in Geography.

2006. University of California, Berkeley. B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies.


2019 – Present. Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University.


2018 – 2019. Creative Cities Fellow, Stanford Arts Institute, Stanford University. 


2018. Lecturer, Department of Urban Studies, San Francisco State University. 



2020. SSHRC Small Research Grant, Simon Fraser University. 


2018. Early Career Scholar Award. Race, Ethnicity & Place Conference, Austin, Texas


2017. Gerlach Dissertation Award. Department of Geography, University of Washington


2015 – 2016. Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellow. National Academy of Sciences


2015. Institute for the Geographies of Justice Fellow. Antipode Foundation, Johannesburg, South Africa


2013. Howard Martin Dissertation Research Grant. Department of Geography, University of Washington


2011. Distinguished Teaching Award. Department of Geography, University of Washington


2009. Bergen Summer Research School Fellow. University of Bergen, Norway – Theme: ‘Climate, Environment & Energy’


2008 – 2009. GO-MAP Diversity Fellow. University of Washington Graduate Opportunity & Minority Achievement Program





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Best, A. and Ramírez, M.M. Urban Specters. Invited contribution for a Special Issue “Dwelling in Liminalities: Propositions from the urban margins”, Edited by Michele Lancione and AbdouMaliq Simone, presented to Environment and Planning D, accepted, under revision. 


Daigle, M. and Ramírez, M.M. Constellations of radical relationality: a method in pursuit of liberation. Book chapter in preparation for a collection edited by Victoria Lawson and Sarah Elwood, Abolishing Poverty: Towards Pluriverse Futures and Politics, proposed to UC Press’ “Poverty Interrupted” Series, under review.


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Ramírez, M.M. Review forum response for Tiffany Lethabo King’s book The Black Shoals, Society & Space’s Online Review Forum, under review. 


Ramírez, M.M. Review forum response for Brandi Summers’ book Black in PlaceAntipode, in preparation.





Ramírez, M.M. (2019, December) Interviewed by Katharina Schmidt. “Who are we to say what the definition of a decolonial geography is, if it is dependent on the place from which I emerges?” Feministisches Geo-Rund Mail, Informationen rund um feministische Geographie, Nr.80, Dezember 2019.


Daigle, M. and Ramírez, M.M. (2019, January) Relationality as Constellation: A conversation on decolonization and collective liberation. Relational Poverty Network’s Podcast series. 


Hashimoto, Y., Ramírez, M.M., Valencia, Y., & Wideman, T. (2016, March) Collaborative Blog Post: The RPN at Urban Color-Lines: thinking through inequality, democracy and a politics of hope.


Ramírez, M.M. (2015, August) Interviewed by Soong, C.S. Race, Privilege and Food Justice. Against the Grain, KPFA. 


Ramirez, M.M. (Interviewer of Karma Chavez) (2014, April) Queer Migration Politics: Activist Rhetoric and Coalitional Possibilities. Fembot Collective: Books Aren’t Dead Series [Audio Interview]. 

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