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​As a human geographer and interdisciplinary urban scholar, I broadly study social movements, racial geographies, inequality, and urban space. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am now based in Vancouver BC as an Assistant Professor of Geography at Simon Fraser University.


My work explores the interstices between racial capitalism and settler colonialism in cities across the Americas, and how the creative geographies of marginalized peoples are policed, co-opted and resist in gentrifying cities. I engage with urban studies, Black, Latinx & Indigenous geographies, perfor-mance & sound studies, and cultural theory to understand how creative forms of resistance produce meaning in the space of the city. My research seeks the spaces of rupture and possibility that exist in cities, and explores the ways that art catalyzes social change. 

My writing has been published in AntipodeEnvironment & Planning D, Urban Geography, Political Geography, and Planning Theory & Practice. I have been envisioning and theorizing 'decolonial geographies' with Michelle Daigle at the AAG Meetings since 2015, and we have a chapter in Antipode's 50th anniversary collection Keywords in Radical Geographic Thought. Since 2017, I have been collaborating with the Anti Eviction Mapping Project, and I am co-editing the 'Indigenous Geographies of Resistance' chapter of AEMP's edited volume Counterpoints: A Bay Area Atlas of Displacement & Resistance with Savannah Kilner, which is due out in fall 2020. I am also a founding member of the Latinx Geographies Specialty Group, currently serving as the Secretary-Treasurer.